Winchester College Case Study

Winchester College Sports Flooring

Winchester College opted for the state-of-the-art Performance SL sports flooring installation featuring innovative Taraflex technology. This flooring solution boasts a unique textile backing ensuring exceptional stability and durability, perfect for the rigorous demands of the college’s sports facilities. Classified as P2, it meets high-performance and safety standards, making it ideal for the college’s diverse sporting activities.

The installation process was swift and sustainable, with no glue required. The exceptional bonding between the textile backing and Taraflex SL holding strip ensured a secure fit, even on damp subfloors, eliminating the need for additional moisture barriers. This time-efficient installation process allowed Winchester College to bypass waiting for the slab to dry out, saving valuable time and resources.

Moreover, the sustainability aspect of the flooring was a significant factor in Winchester College’s decision. The absence of glue not only contributed to environmental conservation but also safeguarded the health of installers. The textile backing, crafted from recycled bottles, showcased the college’s commitment to eco-conscious practices. Additionally, being made in Europe minimised the flooring’s carbon footprint.

Colours Used

Anthracite - 6873

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Gold - 6211

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Black - 6830

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Taraflex® Performance SL Flooring

The Taraflex sports flooring not only met Winchester College’s stringent quality and safety requirements but also exceeded expectations in terms of sustainability. Its durable construction and easy maintenance promise long-term benefits for the college’s sports facilities.

Read more about Taraflex® Performance SL – Ideal for multi-purpose areas including school halls. Taraflex® Multi-Use protects players with excellent shock absorption and impact protection. The flooring offers maximum hygiene with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment. It is suitable for all types of sports and leisure activities.

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