Taraflex® Recreation

Taraflex® Recreation

Recommended for recreation activities, this flooring is suitable for infant schools, junior schools, school indoor sports, community centres, dancing and aerobics, youth club activities, physiotherapy and village halls.

For more information on everything you need to know about Taraflex® Recreation:

Design: for recreational activities and versatile applications, this flooring ensures safety and comfort.

PUR Protect® surface: for effortless maintenance, friction protection, and an ‘intelligent’ sliding coefficient.

Prioritises maximum hygiene: with a bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment.

Multitude of finishes: Comes in a variety of natural-looking wood, solid, and all-over designs, offering a range of colourways.

Taraflex® Recreation offers a secure and cushioned surface that is not only comfortable and quiet underfoot but also easy to maintain. Ideal for various recreational activities, this flooring is well-suited for infant schools, junior schools, indoor sports in schools, community centres, dance and aerobics studios, youth club activities, physiotherapy spaces, and village halls.

It serves as the perfect leisure flooring, drawing on Gerflor’s extensive expertise to provide a high-performance solution. Additionally, it prioritises environmental considerations, being eco-friendly, low in volatile organic compounds (VOC), free from solvents and heavy metals, and fully recyclable.

Plain Design

6154 Roja

Roja - 6154

Size: 20500 x 1500

6157 - Rosa

Rosa - 6157

Size: 20500 x 1500

6160- Naranja

Naranja - 6160

Size: 20500 x 1500

6556 - Verde

Verde - 6556

Size: 20500 x 1500

6563 - Menta

Menta - 6563

Size: 20500 x 1500

6614 - Oceano

Oceano - 6614

Size: 20500 x 1500

2402 - Azul

Azul - 2402

Size: 20500 x 1500

2711 - Gris

Gris - 2711

Size: 20500 x 1500

Wood Designs

6062 - Canadian Maple

Canadian Maple - 6062

Size: 20500 x 1500

6058 - American Oak

American Oak - 6058

Size: 20500 x 1500


Durant Surfacing excels in the supply and installation of Gerflor’s Taraflex® flooring. Our team has undergone extensive training at Gerflor’s Technocentre in France, mastering every aspect of the product’s manufacturing, construction, and installation.

We assign dedicated in-house project managers to oversee each project, ensuring clients receive consistent guidance throughout every phase. This personalised approach fosters direct communication, timely updates, and seamless collaboration among all involved teams.

Our unwavering commitment to industry standards and best practices is demonstrated by the specialised training each member of the Durant Surfacing team has completed at the Gerflor Technocentre in Tarare. This prestigious training provides our team with cutting-edge techniques and the latest innovations in flooring.

RS68102_Nailsworth youth club _90-lpr

Benefits of Taraflex® Recreation

Taraflex® Recreation boasts PUR Protect® surface, which helps to maintain the flooring to an excellent standard with very little effort. This surface treatment provides protection against friction, and boasts an ‘intelligent’ sliding coefficient. This makes Taraflex® Recreation one of the most suitable flooring choices for youth sports environments.

Taraflex® Recreation is also prepared with a bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment, helping to bolster the hygiene of the flooring. This improved hygiene helps to result in lowered risks of infected wounds in the event of an accident or injury whilst staying active.

With its 100% PVC surface complex and closed cell foam backing, Taraflex® Recreation offers maximum safety and comfort whilst in use. These features are what make it one of the top picks for recreational activities, and other versatile applications.

Why Choose Us?

Whether your priority is choosing the top-performing sports floor available or adhering to the design guidelines outlined by the Education Skills and Funding Agency, our Taraflex® products, when paired with undercarriage systems, deliver the necessary sports performance while offering other significant, substantial advantages.

Made In House

Experience superior quality! We install all of our surfaces by our amazing in-house team, ensuring precision, durability, and customisation to meet your training needs perfectly.

5 Star Reviews

Discover why our customers love our surfaces! With numerous 5-star reviews, customers rave about our quality, service, and performance-enhancing products.

Competitive Prices

Get professional sports flooring without breaking the bank! Enjoy competitive prices on our high-quality custom surfaces, making professional-grade training accessible for all budgets.

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