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The Sports Flooring Company are specialist suppliers and installers of Gerflor’s Taraflex® flooring and have been trained directly at their French Technocentre on all aspects of product manufacturing, construction and installation.

We work exclusively with Gerflor and their Taraflex® range because we believe that when it comes to sports flooring, there’s nothing that compares to the flexibility provided by the range of Gerflor Taraflex® products.

Taraflex® sports flooring has been the preferred indoor solution for over 60 years, Taraflex® has featured at every single Olympic games since Montreal in 1976, including the London games where ethical sourcing and environmental impact were key drivers to involvement.

Join the leading sports events organisers and national governing bodies who consistently put their faith in the flooring system that offers the highest levels of performance, comfort and safety – Gerflor Taraflex®.


The Taraflex® vinyl sports flooring range is the ideal solution for sports halls in the education market. Taraflex® allows for impact protection of up to 88%, ensuring safety for users and protection against long-term injuries. This is in contrast to parquet wood sports floors, which often offer less then 20% impact protection

The Taraflex® sports hall flooring range is being enjoyed by over 6 million children worldwide. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, you can create the perfect facility for your sports and education needs.

The Taraflex® sports floor range is specifically designed to keep the user safe. It does this in three specific areas; Instant Impact Protection, Repeat Impact and Sprains and Strains. All users, no matter the age group, will benefit from the security and safety of playing on a Taraflex® sports floor.


Taraflex® Multi-Use

Ideal for multi-purpose areas including school halls. Taraflex® Multi-Use protects players with excellent shock absorption and impact protection. The flooring offers maximum hygiene with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment. It is suitable for all types of sports and leisure activities.

Taraflex® Evolution

New and improved, Taraflex® Evolution is suited to a wide range of activities and gives even higher levels of shock absorption, protecting against repeat impact injuries. This level of impact protection also means that the risk of injury from falling is reduced.

Taraflex® Performance

Suited to a range of sports, including cricket. Higher levels of shock absorption and impact protection than Taraflex® Evolution, this product suits those looking for high performance. Features Taraflex® Protecsol® and CXP HD foam, a patented design that ensures long life and durability to your sports floor.

Taraflex® Comfort

With our highest levels of both shock absorption and impact protection, Taraflex® Comfort appeals to athletes playing at higher levels and those who may be recovering from injury. Features Taraflex® Protecsol® and CXP HD+ foam, a patented design that ensures long life and durability to your sports floor.

Taraflex® Tennis

Taraflex® Tennis is designed to ensure the safety and protection of all players of all skill levels, from young beginners to competitive professionals. Superior comfort and shock absorption properties reduce the risk of injuries.

Taraflex® Badminton

The ultimate in player comfort, protection and perfect footing. Taraflex® Badminton is intended as a temporary surface to be laid out quickly and easily onto virtually any subfloor. Taraflex® Badminton offers excellent player protection and secure footing.

Taraflex® Bateco

Taraflex® Bateco is a protective surface made from black calendered and grained plasticized vinyl. Designed to protect sports floors in the event of non sporting use of the room. It prevents marking by chairs, tables, heels on the the sport floor. Edge to edge installation secured using adhesive tape.

Taraflex® Table Tennis

Taraflex® Table Tennis is approved by the International Table Tennis Federation. Available in an easy-to-install, portable format and can also be installed for permanent application. Superior comfort and shock absorption properties reduce the risk of injuries while the canvas embossing allows for perfect footing.

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