Court & Line Marking

Our official line marking partner; Biddle Sport provide bespoke court & line markings as part of our installation of your new sports floor 

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Biddle Sport

Court marking has been our business for thirty years, we are the No 1 recommended line marker for Taraflex sports floors in England.
We have painted the court markings at over 1000 Sports halls and gymnasia.

A game changer in indoor court markings: Mark Biddle was trained by Interline in Holland and was the first in the UK to work to the highest standards of accuracy: line width ± 2mm and overall dimensions correct to 0.1%. The first floor we marked was Taraflex Sport M which has become the most widely specified indoor sports surface in the world and has been fitted at every Olympic Games since 1976.

We were the first in 2005 to offer customers accurate court layout sketch proposals in full colour and detail to help them visualise the new sports floor.
Now branding and two-colour floors are popular, our design proposals can show any Taraflex Surface colour and any court marking combination including your logo. We have the knowledge and drive to help make customers aware of the exciting new floor colours and sizes available for new sports like Handball and Futsal as well as changes to existing sports like the new FIBA Basketball court sizes issued in 2012.

Line & Court Marking Process:

We are widely recognised and used within the education and leisure sectors and our service has developed into a quality three stage process:

  • Visit the customer and discuss the court layout with the facility manager.
  • Prepare the court layout sketch proposal for the customer to visualise the new layout in full colour and details & be open to amendments if necessary.
  • Mask all lines including circles to the highest standard of accuracy and paint lines with two pack paint for durable and bright clean edged lines.

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