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Browse our extensive range of products, where each surface boasts unique characteristics designed to meet a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for durability, aesthetic appeal, or specific functional features, our diverse selection ensures there’s a perfect fit for every individual and every situation. Explore our offerings to find the ideal solution that aligns with your requirements and enhances your space.

Taraflex® Multi-Use

Taraflex® Multi-Use stands out as the optimal sports flooring choice for venues demanding versatile functionality, including multi-use sports halls in educational institutions, recreational centers, and community spaces. This indoor sports floor excels in resisting indentation and swiftly recovering, rendering it well-suited for areas furnished with tables and chairs.

Taraflex® Evolution

Taraflex® Evolution stands out for its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of multi-specialist applications, and its affordability makes it a viable choice for both new projects and refurbishments. Our sports flooring solutions find application in diverse sectors, including education, community, leisure, as well as health and fitness.

Taraflex® Performance SL

Taraflex® Performance SL stands out as a premium synthetic indoor sports flooring, strategically crafted to cater to a diverse array of sports applications across multiple sectors. This versatile flooring solution boasts optimal safety features and high-performance qualities, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of indoor sports activities.


Taraflex® Subflex AE

Taraflex® Subflex AE makes itself apparent as the perfect choice for leisure sports venues and schools. Its strengths come from its good foothold, reducing the likelihood of slipping, and a treated surface for lack of friction burns. Our range of sports floorings are low maintenance and high quality, ensuring you can enjoy a range of activities in comfort.


Taraflex® AE85

Taraflex® AE85 stands out as one of the most fast and efficient flooring installations for all your sporting needs. With high levels of shock absorption, you won’t need to worry about sustaining injuries whilst enjoying the sports you love. Easy, fast and sustainable. Our sports flooring solutions are the ideal choice for a variety of sectors.

Taraflex® Recreation

Taraflex Recreation® offers a secure and cushioned surface that is not only comfortable and quiet underfoot but also easy to maintain. Coated with a special treatment that prioritises your hygiene, making cleaning easy. Ideal for various recreational activities, this flooring is well-suited for schools, community centers, dance studios etc.

Taraflex® Bateco

Taraflex® Bateco is a movable solution for protecting multi-sports floors from non sport activity. It can be unrolled over the floors and rolled up again before resuming sports activities. Taraflex® Bateco is made from 100% post manufacturing recycled wastes.

Taraflex® Comfort

With our highest levels of both shock absorption and impact protection, Taraflex® Comfort appeals to athletes playing at higher levels and those who may be recovering from injury. Taraflex® Comfort offers the highest comfort and shock absorption to prevent injuries.

Sport Court® Powergame Plus

Sport Court® Powergame Plus surfaces are designed for a variety of sports. All game courts can be easily configured without compromising on playability or safety. There are multiple possibilities, from multi-sport school facilities to multiuse game areas.

Powershock 300

Designed to be both functional and hardwearing, pre-installed connector pins make for easy installation. Powershock 300 avoids deep-impact damage while providing outstanding sound deadening as well. Powershock 300 tiles are made from vulcanised rubber to increase the strength and durability,  the non-porous wearlayer is impermeable and odourless.

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Not sure what surface is right for your sports hall? Check out our sports-specific flooring recommendations. Our expertly curated selection highlights the best options tailored to various sports and activities, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and durability. Whether you need flooring for basketball, volleyball, badminton, or multi-purpose use, our recommendations will guide you to the perfect choice. Explore our detailed comparisons, user reviews, and expert insights to make an informed decision and create the ideal environment for athletes and participants.

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