Treviglas Academy Case Study

Treviglas Academy Sports Flooring

At Treviglass Academy, Taraflex® proved versatile and ideal for their renovation project. The flooring met EN 14904 Category A3 standards with less than 40% force reduction, ensuring safety for sports activities.

The Taraflex® solution also complied with Department for Education (DfE) guidelines, providing regulatory assurance.

Its triple-action Protecsol® surface treatment simplified maintenance and reduced heat build-up, creating a comfortable environment. Taraflex® optimized foothold and slide, minimising injury risks and enhancing performance during sports.

Treviglass Academy was particularly impressed by Taraflex®’s low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. With a ‘no polish for life’ surface, it boasted low life cycle costs, allowing the academy to allocate resources elsewhere.

In summary, by selecting Taraflex® AE85 for their sports facility renovation, Treviglass Academy achieved superior sports performance, regulatory compliance, and cost-effectiveness, setting a new standard for sports flooring in educational institutions.

Colours Used

Maple Sun - 5763

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Floor Swatch 6180 - Red

Red - 6180

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Black - 6830

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Taraflex® AE85 Flooring

The Taraflex® sports flooring not only met Treviglas Academy’s needs for both quality and safety, but also exceeded expectations for maintenance and sustainability. Its durability and easy low maintenance design ensure long-term benefits for the academy’s sporting facilities.

Learn more about Taraflex® AE85 – Perfect for adhering to design guidelines outlined by the Education Skills and Funding Agency. When paired with undercarriage systems, it delivers the necessary sports performance while offering substantial advantages in terms of reduced life cycle and maintenance costs.

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