Kings College Case Study

Kings College Chester Sports Flooring

The Kings School Chester needed a versatile flooring solution for their multi-use sports hall that could cater to a wide range of activities, including sports and academic events. After thorough thought, they chose Taraflex® Multi-Use for its exception versatility and durability, which perfectly suited their dynamic space.

The flooring’s adaptability to various sports and leisure activities complemented the school’s diverse program offerings, from basketball games to community gatherings, ensuring a reliable surface for all occasions.

A standout feature of Taraflex® Multi-Use was its impressive resistance to indentation, effortlessly rebounding from impacts of furniture like tables and chairs. The resilience was crucial as the hall often hosted diverse events beyond sports.

Maintenance of Taraflex® Multi-Use was simplified with the Protecsol® surface treatment, offering easy upkeep and longevity, allowing the school to focus more on activities and less on maintenance.

In summary, Taraflex® Multi-Use emerged as the ideal flooring choice for Kings College Chester, blending versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal to enhance their multi-use sports hall experience significantly.

Colours Used

Floor Swatch 6557 - Forest

Forest - 6557

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Gold - 6211

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

London Light Blue - 2404

Size: 20.5ml x 1.5m

Taraflex® Multi-Use Flooring

Taraflex® Multi-Use exceeded expectations with its P1 category sports flooring, meeting EN Standard 14904 and providing a shock absorption rate of 25 to 35%. This ensured safety and comfort during sporting activities, enhancing the hall’s usability.

Learn more about Taraflex® Multi-Use – standing out as the optimal sports flooring choice for venues demanding functionality, including multi-use sports halls in educational institutions, recreational centres, and community spaces. This indoor sports floor excels in resisting indentation and swiftly recovering, rendering it well-suited for areas furnished with tables and chairs.

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