Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a very popular sport with hundreds of clubs across the country. Table Tennis is an inclusive sport with provision made for all ages and abilities.

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Table Tennis

Table Tennis Surfaces

  • There are a variety of surfaces suited to Table Tennis
  • All Table Tennis suited surfaces can be installed on a wide range of floor types
  • All Table Tennis suited surfaces provide excellent player comfort and protection

Suitable surfaces

Taraflex® Table Tennis

Taraflex® Table Tennis has been developed to ensure the safety and protection for all players. It is available in an easy-to-install, ready-to-go portable format and also for permanent application. Approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Taraflex® Comfort

With our highest levels of both shock absorption and impact protection, Taraflex® Comfort appeals to athletes playing at higher levels and those who may be recovering from injury. Features Taraflex® Protecsol®..

Taraflex® Performance

With even higher levels of shock absorption and impact protection than Taraflex® Evolution, this product suits those looking for higher levels of performance.

Taraflex® Evolution

New and improved, Taraflex® Evolution gives even higher levels of shock absorption that protects against repeat impact injuries. This good level of impact protection means that the risk of injury from falls is reduced.

Taraflex® Multi-Use

Designed with both sport and non-sport use in mind, making it ideal for multi-purpose areas including school halls. Taraflex® Multi-Use protects players with excellent shock absorption and impact protection.

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