Dry-Tex™ System

Dry-Tex™ System for damp subfloors

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Product Description

Dry-Tex™ is a revolutionary process integrating a textile material with CXP™ HD foam backing; this textile backing allows a stronger bonding of the adhesive onto the Taraflex® sports floor.

Gerpur is a proprietary mono component adhesive using breakthrough technology, which reacts to humidity; the higher the moisture, the quicker the bonding!

Dry-Tex™ is compatible with Taraflex® Evolution and Taraflex® Performance flooring.

Benefits of Dry-Tex™

  • Save money – no need for additional moisture barriers (DPM’s) – saving both labour and material costs
  • Save time – no more waiting times for subfloors to reach 75% RH / 7% humidity
  • Greater reliability and performance – unbeatable bonding strength to the subfloor ensuring long life, high quality performance

Dry-Tex™ compatible flooring options:

Taraflex® Performance

With even higher levels of shock absorption and impact protection than Taraflex® Evolution, this product suits those looking for higher levels of performance.

Taraflex® Evolution

New and improved, Taraflex® Evolution gives even higher levels of shock absorption that protects against repeat impact injuries. This good level of impact protection means that the risk of injury from falls is reduced.

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